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Environments as a Service

Micro-service or monolithic apps
with or without JS frontends

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as a Service

Release Environments streamline the development process, with Environments as a Service: fast, shareable, scalable, managed, and easy to reproduce at every step.

Build better software faster.

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Release has enabled us to move quickly as a startup and deliver higher quality and better solutions to our customers.

Ivan Lee

CEO • Datasaur

Use Cases & Benefits of Release Environments

On-demand Staging Environments


Sales Demo Environments

Running your Production Environments
Deploy Automated Preview Environments

Share Progress with
Every Pull Request

Sharing is caring. Sharing more means faster feedback loops and development. With Release Environments, you can share progress with every pull request. We make it easy. Hyperlinks to environments instantly appear within your development workflow, integrating directly with tools such as:

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How Release Works


Connect & Define

Connect your applications' repositories to Release, and review the auto-generated, environment definition template.


Create Environments

Ephemeral environments are created automatically with every PR and updated with each code push. Additionally, environments can be created with the click of a button for integration, traditional staging, or QA/UAT use cases.


Share, Test, Improve

Developers and QA have full access to environments to test and debug. Every environment gets a unique set of easily shareable URLs. Product teams, design teams, and stakeholders can see features evolving, and provide feedback early and often.



When you merge your feature branch into your mainline branch, Release will automatically deploy to permanent environments (staging or production), and ephemeral environments disappear.

What else do Release Environments Offer?

Limitless Reproducible Environments

Release limitless reproducible environments for any use case: Preview, QA, Integration, Staging, Demo and even Production.

Ephemeral or long-lived – Release Environments are there when you need them and vanish on command. Playing ‘How many devs can squish into an environment?’ is no more.

In your AWS or Hosted
You Have Total Control

Release Environments run in an EKS cluster, within your AWS account, or can be hosted by us for a completely hands-off experience. On-premise or hosted, our service gives you total control over environment management and your data.

Powered by your Data

Connect Release Environments with your data snapshots. We enable you to easily replicate production data, which makes testing more accurate and deploying stress-free.

Built on the Power of Kubernetes

Release is driven by K8s. Take the wheel.
Built on a bedrock of Kubernetes, Release is a super flexible platform that enables you to shape environments to match your purpose and needs.  

Create tailored, complex environments on-demand, no matter your objective. Generate environments for large-scale performance testing or database migration. Whatever type of environment you need, Kubernetes makes it possible – Release Environments make it happen.

Get the Ultimate
Developer Experience

Release Environments enrich the developer experience. We enable you to work with confidence and ease, through on-demand access, to limitless, reproducible environments.

Defining and managing environments has never been easier. All the pain and complexity is boiled-down to a simple definition file.

No more bottlenecks - just innovation at speed and better products to your customers - faster.

Do More for Less

Enable faster

product velocity

Lower cost of managing & maintaining environment ecosystems

Greatly reduce cost of running pre-production

Enrich the developer experience for
happier employees

Get the power of Kubernetes with zero effort

Allow teams more time to focus on new ideas and innovation

Connect with Your Favorite Services

Connect your account with your favorite external services to gain the most out of Release’s features.

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Since I switched to Release my workflow is much faster and efficient. Highly recommending Release for your apps and projects.

Jacolon Walker

Release has enabled us to move quickly as a startup and deliver higher quality and better solutions to our customers.

Ivan Lee

CEO • Datasaur

How Release was able to easily replicate the complex environments of

Pre-production ephemeral environments and sales demo environments with Simon Data

B2B SaaS On-premise/VPC environments made easy - Monad case study

Release Your Ideas

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