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With Release, you can build, test, and deploy applications at scale. With our offering, Environments as a Service, we automate the process to allow your developer teams to focus on innovation and revenue rather than building and maintaining test environments. Made by developers, for developers, you can ship faster with confidence.


Streamline the development process by automatically creating environments in the application creation lifecycle. Connect and combine your external services into a single environment that is spun up in your cloud account to maintain full control while eliminating your team’s responsibility to build and maintain.


Enable your teams to spin up environments on the fly and preview every feature change with a dedicated environment. This not only allows you to meet your customers' needs faster, it also enables your teams to give and receive feedback as early as the development stage to reduce time to production and increase collaboration.

Ship Faster

Speed up development cycles by testing code changes in isolation and ship high-quality code faster by pushing that environment to production seamlessly with Release’s software. Further, decrease the costs of building and maintaining an environment ecosystem in-house by tearing down environments after use.

Our customers

Release has helped cut our testing time from days to minutes and provided insight to how we can optimize internally. It has enabled us to involve more teams to review feature updates and increase synergy within our company.

Wendi Whitsett

Wendi Whitsett

Software Engineer • Chipper Cash

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