Remote Development Environments

Code locally, sync instantly to the cloud

No more "but it works on my machine!" Describe your environment once and switch to Dev, Test, or Prod anytime, anywhere, with full synchronization and access to resources.

You code, we handle the environments

Spend less time managing your development environments and more time contributing high-quality code to your projects.

Start coding in minutes, see changes live

Code on your local setup against an environment in the cloud
No downloads or extensive setup, just run a command in your IDE
Get new team members onboarded lightning fast

Your tools, your IDE, no compromises

Use the text editor you already love while saving on the cloud
Any IDE, seriously.  No slow and clunky web IDEs to deal with, just the tools you want
Simply run a dev env command in your text editor and start coding live

Unify Dev, Test, and Prod hassle-free

Fix customer-facing bugs before they hit production by developing with real data
Model the most complicated applications and develop against multiple services at once
Customize each dev environment to be as close or different from prod as you need it to be

Define once, repeat infinitely

Release is your complete environments solution. You define your infrastructure once, and spin up unlimited development, staging, and production environments in minutes.

Now everyone can code, test and collaborate
in production-like environments on their own terms.
Get going in three easy steps
Pick your IDE and clone the repository
Get started
Install Release CLI
See docs
Connect your Release Environment and start coding

What Our Customers are Saying

Ephemeral environments enable our whole team to do more. It’s a huge boon to have the Release support team on hand to guide us and offer advice.

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DJ Ambrisco

Principal Software Engineer • Dispatch Health

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