Release Share Docker Extension

Instantly share
local containers.
Fast and free.

Launch secure tunnels with customizable URLs for your local Docker containers. Test, preview, and QA earlier and faster throughout the SDLC.

Instant Sharing

Pick a locally running container, click “connect”, copy the custom URL, and share it. That’s it!
No account. No fees. No hassle.

Instant Collaboration

Now your collaborators open the URL, and instead of wondering how to get the container image to run, they can focus on using what you share and providing feedback on a live app.

Right in your workflow

All your live containers with exposed ports are automatically mapped and available to share, but with an easy “off” switch.
Share your work-in-progress or final product with a single click.

How to get started


Start your Docker Desktop

Download the latest version


Install Release Share directly from Docker Desktop Extensions Marketplace


Choose live containers with exposed ports and instantly share custom URLs

What Our Customers are Saying

Ephemeral environments enable our whole team to do more. It’s a huge boon to have the Release support team on hand to guide us and offer advice.

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DJ Ambrisco

Principal Software Engineer • Dispatch Health

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