Release is going to AWS Summit in Washington, DC on June 7-8, 2023

Ira Casteel
May 31, 2023
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Release is thrilled to participate in this year’s AWS Summit in Washington, DC on June 7th and 8th. Come join us for this complimentary event to learn about the latest and greatest in cloud computing and how Release and AWS are helping organizations accelerate their digital transformation and deliver mission-critical applications.  

Release Environments as a Service platform is built on AWS and is deployed directly into your AWS public or GovCloud account. This gives you full control and visibility into your AWS activities, and helps consolidate spend for best cloud discount options. Release is available though the AWS Marketplace, providing procurement flexibility and maximization of AWS commitments.

Find us in Booth #363 of the main Expo Hall to talk about all things environments, such as Release Delivery that allows you to deploy your SaaS apps inside of your customers’ environment, without creating an on-prem version of your product; or Rainbow deployments, taking your blue-green approach to the next level. See our latest integrations of the generative AI helping build the environment templates even faster with the Dockerfile auto-generation project, and making sense of your application documentation with the Gromit project. Or simply say hi in one of the numerous breakout sessions, lightning talks or workshops. Just look out for the purple Release t-shirt!

We are excited to spend a couple days learning and sharing our ideas. See you in DC!

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